Below are a few stories that demonstrate how BTN Consulting works to provide solutions across a few challenging scenarios. 



Situation:  New York City project has a wide variety of government compliance requirements, including Davis-Bacon prevailing wage. The General Contractor tried to monitor and submit payrolls, however many of their contractors were out of compliance, and the agency involved gave a hard deadline for submission of corrected reports.

Solution:  BTN Consulting was brought in to review past and present payrolls. After audits were completed, BTN Consulting submitted the corrected reports, then began to work with contractors, one-on-one, to teach them how to properly pay and document prevailing wages.

Outcome:  The General Contractor is in full compliance. Payroll submissions dramatically improved and minor errors are now remedied quickly. The government agency involved is pleased and the project is in full compliance.


MWBE outreach

Situation:  Client has a new, large-scale development in Bridgeport, CT and wants to make early inroads with the MWBE community well before the start of construction.

Solution:  BTN Consulting worked closely with representatives of the City of Bridgeport to plan a series of MWBE info-sessions. These sessions would show project highlights, estimated construction schedules, and more.

Outcome:  The first session, held in Spring 2018, was attended by over four dozen MWBE contractors and suppliers, as well as local media. Technical assistance resources were also featured during the event, allowing MWBE contractors and suppliers ample time to prepare for construction bids in early 2019.



Situation: A new consortium in Central Brooklyn, NY wants to improve banking for residents and businesses. They wish to meet with all local branch managers and CRA officers, however they need data beyond what is readily available from existing sources.

Solution: BTN Consulting worked with the consortium to create two banking surveys, one for residents and one for business. BTN Consulting also created an implementation plan and managed the collection of hundreds of surveys throughout the target area.

Outcome: The consortium had reliable data on local banking perceptions and needs to present to the banks. The banks agreed to work with the new consortium to address concerns and review services based on the data collected.