2019 News

An August August
August may be a slow month for many businesses but not for BTN Consulting! New projects in the Bronx, Central Brooklyn, and Williamsburg were started, and others waiting in the wings.

Christmas in July
July has come and gone and BTN Consulting was fortunate to pick up a number of new projects, including a high profile project in midtown New York City. At the same time, we expanded our Giving Back initiative to school supply giveaways and more. While others slow down during the summer, BTN Consulting is full steam ahead!

Midpoint of the Year
With the end of June we’re reflecting on what a great year it’s been. Numerous new projects started, and even more in the pipeline for the second half of the year, plus the roll-out of our Giving Back initiative, which has sponsored a half dozen Housing Connect workshops plus the second annual neighborhood contractors event, as well as philanthropic work with area nonprofit community based organizations. BTN Consulting is eagerly looking forward to the second half of 2019!

May Happenings
Lots happened in May 2019 at BTN Consulting. The 2nd Annual East/Central Brooklyn Contractors Fair was announced for June 27th (see below or click here). BTN Consulting was awarded the compliance contract on the NYCHA PACT, spanning seven developments across Brooklyn. And BTN Consulting’s “Giving Back” program saw more outreach for individuals to register for NYC Housing Connect. All this plus BTN Consulting prepares to begin compliance work on projects in the Bronx, Crown Heights, and Bedford Stuyvesant.

Second Annual East/Central Brooklyn Contractors Fair Announced
After last year’s big contractor’s fair, BTN Consulting is proud to sponsor the 2nd annual fair on Thursday, June 27, 2019. The fair is expanding to include projects from East New York, Spring Creek, Cityline, Cypress Hills, Brownsville, Ocean Hill, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Clinton Hill, Flatbush, and East Flatbush will be featured. Come check it out! Click here for more info!

April Action
April saw the successful launch of BTN Consulting’s latest “Giving Back” initiative, with staff members assisting persons in the East Brooklyn area register for NYC Housing Connect online! BTN Consulting also began work on several new projects and was awarded new projects at the LIU campus and Throgs Neck, Bronx.

Spring Forward
March saw BTN Consulting continue to grow with the start of construction on new projects that were in the pipeline, and signing on for several new future projects in Fort Greene and DUMBO, as well as an expansion of its Giving Back initiative. Watch the Giving Back page for more details!

Short Month = Busy Month
February saw BTN Consulting win multiple new compliance projects around New York City, with details on the projects coming soon! As part of its Giving Back program, BTN Consulting took eight young entrepreneurs to the Catskill Mountains for a business planning immersion weekend. Participants were able to make a big dent in planning and writing their business plans, rehearse their elevator pitches, and much more.

New Year - New Projects and Events
January 2019 was busy, busy, busy at BTN Consulting. New projects in Newark, New Jersey; Coney Island, Brooklyn; and Harlem, New York are off to a good start with multiple outreach events and more. BTN Consulting also completed its holiday season giveback program with a donation to the local YMCA’s Three Kings children’s party.

2018 News

The Year Ends with a Bang
December 2018 was one of BTN Consulting’s busiest month’s ever. More compliance projects. More new clients. More local hiring and contractor events. Because of all that, 2019 will be BTN Consulting’s biggest year yet and to celebrate our success, we expanded our “Giving Back” program to provide hundreds of toys for families during Christmas and 3 Kings. 2019 will see our “Giving Back” program expand with free workshops and more. Watch this space and our events page for more information.

November Projects and Giving Back
November saw the start of BTN Consulting’s work on 2 new projects in Newark, NJ, expanding its work in the Garden State. The snowstorm of early November sure didn’t stop Bridgeport, CT residents from coming out in droves to a local hiring outreach event. All that plus BTN Consulting’s “Giving Back” initiative allowed 50 families to enjoy Thanksgiving through a donation of turkeys and other holiday foods.

Fall 2018 Off to a Big Start
October at BTN Consulting was jam-packed with happenings. BTN was awarded compliance and outreach contacts at several sites, including the much-anticipated Victory Plaza in East Harlem, and 30th Street Long Island City. BTN Consulting conducted two local hiring and MWBE contractor events, and also began its “Giving Back” program, providing much-needed advocacy and outreach services throughout East and Central Brooklyn.

Another Big Month for BTN Consulting
September was the month of twos. BTN Consulting began compliance and outreach work on two long-anticipated projects, as well as two local hiring and two contractor outreach events, and awards on two new projects, both in Upper Manhattan.

BTN Consulting's CEO a Featured Speaker at Groundbreaking
On August 20th there was a groundbreaking ceremony in East New York, Brooklyn, for a new 1,000 seat public school. BTN Consulting's CEO was asked to introduce Mayor de Blasio and speak about the work done to make the ENY rezone plan, the city's first of many, a reality. 

No Slowing Down in August
Most companies slow down during August but not BTN Consulting! August saw more work awarded in Upper Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Bushwick.

More Awards for BTN Consulting
The summer months didn't slow things down at BTN Consulting. July 2018 saw the addition of two new projects in Long Island City, as well as several new projects now in development in the South Bronx, Clinton Hill, and Midtown Manhattan. 

BTN Consulting a Judge in Business Plan Competition
July saw BTN Consulting's CEO, Manny Burgos, serve as a judge in a real estate business plan competition as part of the continuing education program at Baruch College. The candidates performed admirably, and BTN Consulting was thrilled to serve in such a capacity. We wish the young real estate entrepreneurs much success!

An Action-Packed June
June was one of the biggest months in BTN Consulting's history. Besides being selected for multiple new projects in Flatbush, East Harlem, Tremont, Fort Greene, and the Rockaways, BTN Consulting co-sponsored the immensely successful first annual ENY Contractors' Fair and a Get Certified event in Crown Heights. The success of both events has led to requests for BTN Consulting to redo both events later this year!

Get Certified Event Announced
As part of its work for the Bedford Union Armory Project, a "Get Certified" event will take place on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 4pm to 7pm at the Crown Heights Apartments. If you are interested in attending visit our events page for more information.

BTN Awarded More Projects
May was a busy month for BTN Consulting. One new project in East Harlem and two new projects in Brooklyn were awarded to BTN Consulting, both in Williamsburg.

Local & MWBE Contractors Fair Announced
On June 21, 2018 a contractors fair will be held at 137 Jamaica Avenue. BTN Consulting is one of the sponsors of the event. Over a dozen projects from East and Central Brooklyn will have a table, and local and MWBE contractors and suppliers will be able to learn about contracting opportunities with each. Visit the events page for more information.

Survey Projects Completed in Central Brooklyn
Early May 2018 saw the completion of the residential and business banking surveys, started earlier in 2018. The findings were presented as part of the first-annual banking forum in Central Brooklyn, where bank representatives, community groups, and local elected officials used the data to jointly work on ways to improve banking services in Bed Stuy and North Crown Heights.

BTN Consulting at the Annual NYSAFAH Conference
On May 16, 2018, BTN Consulting's CEO, Manny Burgos, spoke on a panel regarding Local Law 196 and its potential impact on minority laborers and contractors at the New York State Association For Affordable Housing's annual conference. LL 196 stands to affect minority laborers and contractors disproportionately because of limited financial resources available. Manny's comments were well-received as they articulated real concerns about the timing and roll-out and impact of the new law.

More Projects Awarded to BTN Consulting
In April 2018 BTN Consulting expanded its work with existing clients through two new projects located in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, one on Halsey Street and the other on Fulton Street.

BTN Consulting Awarded New Projects
March was an exciting month at BTN Consulting. Thanks to its work on 163rd Street Equities, BTN Consulting is now doing compliance work for several projects for Erin Construction in Westchester and Queens.

BTN Consulting Awarded Multiple Projects
It's January 2018 and BTN Consulting rang in the new year with three new compliance projects in addition the two at the Fountain Seaview site in East New York, Brooklyn. 

BTN Consulting to Serve as Adviser for Major Community-Based Surveying Initiative
Just in the time for the New Year, BTN Consulting will serve as a special consultant to Bridge Street Development Corp of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, to assist with the creation, implementation, and analysis of three surveys in Central Brooklyn, all related to banking practices and experiences. This is a major undertaking and this space will be updated again when the surveys are completed in Spring 2018.

2017 News

BTN Consulting Awarded Compliance and Local Hiring Contract on Bedford Courts
Early December 2017--BTN Consulting was awarded the compliance and local hiring coordination contract for Bedford Courts, the project name of the Bedford Union Armory redevelopment site. BTN Consulting has been working with Bedford Courts for two years now on early MWBE and local hiring coordination and will now continue in an expanded role.

BTN Consulting Awarded Multiple Projects
October 2017--BTN Consulting was awarded compliance contracts for DTH Development in Harlem, NYC and began work on 163rd Street Equities, a rehab project in Bronx, NY. BTN Consulting also began work on 555 Fourth Avenue, conducting good-neighbor work for private development including local hiring and MWBE contracting.

BTN Consulting hired for Outreach in Bridgeport, CT
Early September 2017 BTN Consulting was hired for a specialized outreach to area MWBE contractors and local residents for opportunities at a new Downtown Bridgeport development. More details to come!

BTN Consulting Awarded Compliance Contract for Work on Maimonides Medical Center
September 2017--BTN Consulting was awarded a compliance contract for work with Maimonides Medical Center through Long & DeLosa, a prominent commercial general contractor in Brooklyn, NY.

BTN Consulting Takes a Stand Against Intro 1447
On August 2, 2017, BTN Consulting stood with construction workers and contractors protesting Intro 1447, which would decimate minority hiring on construction sites throughout the city.

BTN Consulting Moves into New Office and Expands Staff
July 1, 2017 was moving day for BTN Consulting, relocating to new space on Fulton Street in Brooklyn to accommodate new staff hired. BTN Consulting continues to grow with each passing year!

BTN Consulting Awarded Multiple Projects
Spring/Summer 2017--BTN Consulting was awarded two contracts by BFC Partners for the following projects: Ingersoll Senior Houses and Bronx Commons, both beginning work July 2017.

BTN Consulting CEO on MWBE Panel for Community Board 16 and CORO
On May 6, 2017, Manny Burgos, BTN Consulting Services CEO, participated as a panelist on MWBE contracting opportunities for businesses in the East Brooklyn area. Manny spoke about recent changes in MWBE certification policy, the value of getting certified, and where to look for opportunities.

BTN Consulting CEO on MWBE Panel for Goldstein Hall Event
On April 21, 2017, Manny Burgos, BTN Consulting Services CEO, participated as a panelist on MWBE and emerging developers. Manny spoke at length about barriers MWBE firms face in contracting, as well as gave key points for developers, lenders, government agencies, and contractors to improve MWBE performance and where to obtain technical assistance.

2016 News

BTN Consulting Awarded Multiple Projects
From mid to late 2016, BTN Consulting was awarded compliance contracts for 280 Cadman Plaza, Atlantic Fulton, 810 Fulton Street, Thessalonia Manor, Acacia Gardens, Livonia Phase II, and Fountain Seaview Site A. Developers around the tri-state area have taken notice of BTN Consulting's ability to take on complex compliance projects at a competitive price.

BTN Consulting to Receive "Corporate Partners Award"
BTN Consulting Services will receive the "Corporate Partners Award" from Highland Park Community Development Corporation at its annual gala, April 14, 2016, for its work in social responsible development, construction, and property management work in New York City.

BTN Consulting Quoted in Crain's New York
Manny Burgos, CEO of BTN Consulting Services, wrote a letter to Crain's New York regarding the upcoming rezone project in East New York. Parts of that letter are quoted in this follow up article: Click Here.

2015 News

BTN Consulting Named Monitor to Castellan Real Estate Partners
BTN Consulting Services has been named Monitor to Castellan Real Estate Partners effective Fall 2015. As Monitor, Castellan Tenants and Advocates can contact BTN Consulting Services directly with any concerns related to New York City properties owned and managed by Castellan Real Estate Partners. If you are a tenant of a Castellan Property please visit BTN Consulting's Castellan Tenants webpage for more information.

233 W125th Street Danforth Contracts with BTN Consulting for Local Hiring and MWBE Contracting
BTN Consulting Services has been hired by 233 W125th Street Danforth LLC for a wide range of services pertaining to the redevelopment of the site currently housing the former Victoria Theater in Harlem, New York City. BTN Consulting will handle all compliance and reporting pertaining to New York State's MWBE program, as well as a comprehensive hiring plan covering all of North Manhattan for construction work and permanent job placement coordination.

BTN Consulting Receives "2015 Rising Star Award"
BTN Consulting Services was recognized by the Local Development Corporation of East New York in its annual awards to outstanding businesses. BTN Consulting received the "2015 Rising Star" award for its incredible growth in its first two years in business. BTN Consulting thanks the Local Development Corporation of East New York for the prestigious recognition.

Watch this space for more news!