BTN Consulting offers a wide range of compliance and data-related services available to housing and commercial developers, community groups, elected officials, political candidates, good government groups, and more.

Compliance and Auditing Services

  • MWBE/SDVOB outreach, monitoring, utilization and reporting for projects in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
  • Compliance reporting including Prevailing Wage, certified payrolls, EEO, Section 3, ICAP, and others

Local Hiring Initiatives

  • Local hiring planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Affirmative hiring compliance for government-subsidized construction projects

Property Management Supportive Services

  • Portfolio and policy monitoring for existing units under New York State TPU settlements
  • Tenant advocacy, surveying, and organizing

Community Development Supportive Services

  • Assistance with planning for new housing and commercial developments
  • Needs-assessment surveying for retail planning

Surveying and Polling

  • Straw polling and micro-polling
  • Community based quality of life and needs assessment surveying
  • Survey planning and implementation consultation services

Mapping Services

  • Geocoding data and other GIS services
  • Custom maps for specific projects and needs

Data Services

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Voter and demographic data services for elected officials, political campaigns, good government groups


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